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November 22, 2010

My favorite things, 2010.

Lots of favorite things posts circulating the web right now, so I thought I’d jump on in and participate.   Though I try not to be materialistic, I do have my little creature comforts.  Things: great stuff to have, horrible word to use in an essay.

And without further ado, and in no particular order…. the things I love in 2010.

1-3) This outfit

1) Eric’s thrifted Oregon sweatshirt. His mark on me when we first started dating.  I never gave it back.

2) Vigoss studio skinny jeans from BP.

3) Fake Costco Uggs.  3 years old.  Well worth the $20. I’m not “into” Uggs, but these things… they’re like cheap, rad slippers that you can wear anywhere.  They are my go-to getting-the-mail shoe, quick run to Target shoe, driving-to-pick-up-Eric shoe….  I don’t wear them “out” other than for errands, but..  ok I’ll stop making excuses.  I really do love them.

Sadly (awesomely?), you will find me in this outfit 90% of the time if I’m not working on a given day.

4) This chapstick

5) This tea

(I drink it almost every morning)

6) This Bible

(ESV Personal Size Reference)

7) This makeup

(Mary Kay signature concealer)

8) These guys


9) This gadget

10) These headphones

What are your favorites?  Time to curl up with Kieran and The Fountainhead.

<3 Brynna

p.s.  Since the horrendous linked boxes around images are glaringly obvious in this post, now’s as good a time as any to announce that there will be some changes coming soon, including a redesign! (Hopefully before the New Year, although with the holidays you never know.)