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December 7, 2010

Moving day!

November 27, 2010

Give thanks…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here’s a new list of thanks inspired by this weekend with my family.  I needed to catch up, anyway!

[previous gifts here]


The complete immediate family gathered ’round a table

Listening to my Papa play the guitar

Watching my Mama spend her days in service to us all (and helping where I can!)

Seeing my newlywed sister and her husband’s love for each other

Getting to share home, laughter, food, and Christ with guests

A poinsettia on the door step

Breakfast at Chaps

A fireplace and wood stove keeping us warm in very chilly conditions

Veritable feet of snow outside!

Chocolate stout cake for three family birthdays.

Thank you, Father, for this wonderfully warm, joyful weekend, the hope we have in you, and the freedom you give us to enjoy your good gifts even though we deserve none of them.

October 25, 2010

1000 Gifts: Birthday

I lucked out this year — my birthday was on a Saturday, so I was blessed to be able to spend the whole day doing whatever I wanted!

I’m so thankful for….

181. Birthday boots!! (Sorry for the camera pictures… my real camera is in the car and it’s raining.  Hard.)

182. Farmers market samples — who knew there was so much free delicious stuff?!

183. Lavender-infused blueberry jam from the farmers market.

184. Getting to see the Kings for coffee.

185. Getting to talk to all my siblings in a row yesterday!

186. The ability to earn a little money on the side with odd jobs. (Currently writing, sorting photos for a photographer friend, and hopefully subbing in the near future….)

187. My dishwasher.

188. My power drill.

189. A reliable tool kit.

190. Discovering new, inspiring design websites.

191. That we’re not doing the “cash system” anymore.. ha.

192. Birthday dinner at Wildwood. <3

193. People (like our awesome waiter) who know everything there is to know about food and wine and are happy to force delicious things on you.

194. Zucchini bread.

195. The new wooden fence in our back yard that is not yet defiled with the sickly grey-blue paint our apartment managers cover everything with.

196. Foot massages.

197. Sunglasses.

298. Phases of life in which showering often is not at all necessary.  Yep, I said it.

199. The sound of pouring rain outside.

200. My hardcore husband who bikes 5 miles uphill to work in said pouring rain.

Switched things up this week — meal plan tomorrow, friends! :)

October 12, 2010

Multituesday: Mystery.

(previous thanks here)

161. a heater to turn on for the first time this season

162. classical guitar music

163. mysteries, big and small: solving some, adoring others.

164. a lifetime to grow, learn stuff, and hopefully become much much more like Jesus.

165. thinking about what my kids will look like eventually

166. the very rare Oregon sunny/clear/chilly day

167. reconnecting with old friends

168. cameras

169. headphones

170. learning (slowly) how to make my house a home

171. sharing Eric’s passion by going to Blazers games with him

172. …and feeling snazzy in our jerseys. :)

173. discovering affordable antique stores

174. words, words, words

175. a job prospect and interview this week

176. sleep

177. fun shoes from grandma

178. new contacts!

179. apple cinnamon candles

180. small feelings of retreat and solice


Today I straighten my home, eat lunch with my husband, have a coffee/freelance meeting, and explore a little bit of downtown…  hoping to track down an invisible nose stud, possibly some cheap threads, and if all else fails, a quiet spot to read and soak up fall.

I’m feeling a strange mix of dry and inspired in my posting — my advice post received some good feedback and my highest hit count to date, so I’ll ask you, readers — what do you want me to write about?  Anything you’re dying to read? (Please don’t ask about running.  Please.)

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October 5, 2010

Multituesday: Morning.

I’ve been struggling with the awkwardness of wanting to participate in Multitude Monday and also plan my menus on Monday.  I haven’t liked posting both on the same day because it makes my categories confusing. Practically, food needs to be planned at the beginning of the week, either Sunday or Monday, and usually I don’t get to it until Monday, so here begin my Multituesdays.  I won’t explain, since my readers are all geniuses.

(previous gifts here)

141. conviction about my laziness and wasted time.

142. a husband who doesn’t chastise me about my laziness and wasted time.

143. the still, small hours of the morning (yes, i know, the songwriter probably was not talking about 7:30 am).

144. my pumpkin mug from Lydia. (Here’s a picture someone else stole from the Starbucks website…)

145. Lydia.

146. knowing 3 babies to be born this spring!

147. soap.

148. my nose being able to be stretched rather than re-pierced ($12 vs. who knows? — yes, I resurrected my nose ring.  Here’s a picture from when I had it before — guest-starring my adorable cousin.  Click to enlarge.)

149. my clean kitchen.

150. the church we visited on Sunday — it was everything we hoped.  Solid Christ-centered preaching, multiple people approaching us to say hi because we were new, common friends in Spokane, and good conversations.

151. that my husband loves to stay active.  (Needing to work on that myself.)

152. my free Starbucks drink coupon for my birthday month!

153. people with strong commitments to social justice.

154. prayer, and a God who listens.

155. silly personality tests.

156. candles.

157. my piano.

158. my journal.

159. the notice that my Cooking Light subscription has been mysteriously renewed… ;)

160. library books to read.

Speaking of reading, I recently joined a social networking site for readers called Readernaut.  It’s similar to other reading sites where you can track books you have read, want to read, etc., but cooler.  Those things are great, but not that exciting — Readernaut also lets you post activity updates as you read, like favorite quotes and a progress meter that shows the number of pages you have read.  You can post these internally to be read by friends, or you can send them over to Twitter.  (I haven’t done that since I doubt people care how far into The Fountainhead I am… but maybe I’ll figure out a way to widget it on over here!)  Anyway, random unsponsored plug… find me and be my friend. :)

September 27, 2010

Let’s stay here for a while. (+1000 gifts)

It has been a spectacularly warm end of the month — here, at last, is my small glimpse of what I usually think of as “summer”: nothing to stress about, friends to see, and no rain. The ten-day forecast says it will stay in the upper seventies for the rest of this week, falling into the upper sixties by the third of October. No complaints here.

It was a perfect weekend to show my parents around Sisters, where Eric’s parents live — mine were down for a conference in Sun River and we were all able to get together on Saturday. We even became HOT as we strolled past all the false-front western-style buildings, ending in a pretty green park that smelled like authentic pit barbecue. Reading, football, hot tub, the smell of roasting pine-needles… I’ll take this type of summer-fall as long as it wants to stick around.

Today I am thankful for…
(previous gifts here)

121. my makeshift caprese sandwich lunch (with string cheese!)
122. walking and talking and sipping iced tea with Aimee and little Avery this morning.
123. conquering the huge yellow and black spider outside my door all by myself.
124. still having plenty of leftover food to eat the rest of this month.
125. the gift of delightful parents and in-laws.
126. the intrigue of watching a huge house being built in the lot next to our apartment complex. (I wouldn’t build there… but to each his own.)
127. hope!
128. pastors and congregations committed to the gospel.
129. my Swiffer Wet Jet, especially since I have a teeny tiny floor that’s so not worth getting out a mop and bucket.
130. having a dishwasher.
131. encouraging bloggers and writers.
132. the gift of conviction…
133. and of strength to wage war against the things that keep us from Him.
134. options, possibility, and the feeling that the world just could be my oyster.
135. freedom from confusion and manipulation.
136. the opportunity to raise my family in a free country, however long that lasts.
137. the example of those who truly know what it means to suffer for their beliefs.
138. all the awesome free resources online — really, we can learn about almost ANYTHING with very little effort. (!!)
139. balsamic vinegar.
140. talking with Eric in the car on the way back from weekends full of paying attention to other people. :)

Like I mentioned in my last post, one or both of us has been out of town for the last five weekends. I’m ready to take a few days (or weeks) to get settled back into our fall routine, and as long as this weather lasts that should be positively enjoyable. I’m content to do the jobs I have while looking for opportunities to learn, use my gifts, and grow relationships. On this late September day, I am indeed thankful.

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September 20, 2010

Weber kettle as smoker. (+1000 gifts)

This weekend was FOOTBALL-FILLED!!  I’m not sure if I can handle this the entire fall, but it was a lot of fun.  Our friends Mac and Mikaela offered us tickets to the OSU-Louisville game, so on Saturday we journeyed down to Corvallis to watch the Beavers take on the Cardinals.  It rained all day.  I was, coincidentally, wearing my only rain-proof gear:  a bright (cardinal-colored) red jacket.  Eric was wearing a bright yellow (rival Duck color) jacket.  Hopefully my orange rain boots were enough to hint at my loyalty.

On Sunday, Wil and Kristen both had the day off, a rarity, and they came over to watch football and help us on our first meat-smoking adventure.   Thanks to some research and Wil’s foodie expertise, we had an awesome dinner of pulled smoked pork, swiss chard (*which barely resembled a vegetable after cooking it in bacon fat and white wine…mmmmm), and black beans.

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September 13, 2010

A multitude of meals?

Okay, try not to die…

Whatever.  Betsy thinks he’s cute, too.

Today has gotten away from me!  Here is my thankfulness list and meal plan.  Happy Monday, all.

1000 Gifts

(Previous gifts here.)

Today I am thankful for…

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August 30, 2010

Monday mayhem.

It’s been an insane several days here, dealing with some things that, as Juno would say are “way beyond my maturity level.”  I’m so thankful that God uses the weak to lead the strong.  These items are a bit personal to write about publicly, but accept my apology when I say I’m sorry for being away.  Here’s what my Monday has for me today!

1000 Gifts

(Previous gifts here.)

I am thankful for…
61. A peaceful resolution to this week’s events.
62. God’s economy — those who boast in themselves have received their reward in full.
63. A lesson on trusting my intuition when I can’t think it away.
64. A husband who supports me, loves me, and takes care of me.
65. My crazy disorganized house post-painting, which I now have time to fix.
66. My little sister’s wedding in five days!
67. Getting to see Eric’s extended family this weekend and meet his grandma.
68. That Grandma Lynn’s health and memory will be restored in heaven and that her faithful husband will get to see her healthy and happy.
69. Glimpses of fall (while still being definitely summer).
70. Sisters, OR, and its clear skies and fresh air.
71. Peace.
72. The joy and excitement my in-laws always have for everything! They are the most enthusiastic people I know and take such joy in life’s simple pleasures.
73. A fresh perspective on work.
74. Hope.
75. BRIGHT pink toenails.  (I hate most pink things, but a neon manicure or pedicure is a major exception.)
76. Good-smelling things like candles, incense, and soap.
77. Our new computer!
78. Freezer meals.
79. Good photographers (*which I am not.)
80. Knowing how good a dad my husband will eventually be.

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August 23, 2010

One thousand gifts, and a meal plan.

I really need a catchier title for these combination thankfulness/meal planning posts…..   I also don’t like how one is relaxing and refreshing and spiritual, and the other more business-related (which yes, I know, is still spiritual).  I suppose being thankful for my food is a good way to approach buying and making it, which are both stressful topics!

Today I am thankful for:

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