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December 7, 2010

Moving day!

October 22, 2010

Wall art extravaganza!

G’day.  Today we are going to talk about wall art.

For the last several months (read: 8) our walls have been suffering from serious nudity.  I’ve had grand ideas of putting up all sorts of various chic and artsy and unique huge art and sconces, etc., but well…. when you’re on a budget you work with what you have. :)  Thus, I present my various nearly free latest creations and finds.

First, a little project I took on a month or two ago in my dining room.  Although my new grey wall is a vast improvement over sickly ivory, I got tired of looking at such a long bare wall. When I came across a blog post that told me I could put spray starch on paper and stick it directly to my wall the day after discovering random cool tissue-thin papers in a scrapbook I brought home (*which I’m assuming I inadvertently stole from my mother, but which have been missing for such a long time I’m sure she doesn’t mind), I decided to take said papers and stick them to my wall.  But not before I took a few of them and printed some line drawings from the intranets.

The splotchiness is because they were still wet when I took the photo, so just imagine those two on the bottom right looking less soggy!

To tell you the truth I’m not as crazy about it as I hoped… This is partly because when the papers dried a couple of them got wrinkled (only a couple specific colors — the yellow stuck perfectly).  But I do still like it, and I think I’ll keep it until I come up with something more awesome.  Anyway, it’s nice for fall/winter because of the tree theme.

Today I went less crafty and more frame and hang route.  I’ve been collecting a couple frames here and there.  So today a clip frame from Goodwill became the new home of this truly cool ad from a pamphlet for Wordstock, a local writing and lit festival.

I’ve been waiting to find a floating glass frame for a papyrus print I bought in Egypt.  I finally found one at a discount frame store — it was still more than I wanted to pay but seriously, I needed it to finally be out of its tube and on my naked wall!!  (p.s. Sorry for the truly ghetto photo staging here…. carpet?? Refrigerator?  I’m waiting for Eric’s opinion — and help — before I put them permanently on the wall.)

Eric acquired this cool hand-painted skateboard deck a while ago from a friend who knew he liked Elliott Smith.  You can’t see the details very well, but at the very top and very bottom it says “Live Fast / Die Young.”  Uplifting, eh? ;)  Not quite our philosophy in life, but we still think it’s pretty cool.  Don’t mind the very noticeable Dan Brown book — it’s not mine.  Pay attention instead to the quality literature beneath it — Crime and Punishment, 1984, The Sun Also Rises…  (I love you anyway, Eric.)  And to his credit, he hasn’t even read that book yet, but he did read the totally huge Anna Karenina directly beneath it.  As yet another disclaimer, yes we need new candles on that thing.  Badly.

I had bought a 16×20 frame at IKEA for my papyrus print, all the while truly wanting a float frame, but it turns out it it fits a Jubelale 2009 poster we picked up from the Deschutes Brewery for hella free last year.  Because I’m very adult and not so much frat boy, I’m opposed to putting beer posters on my walls — unless, of course, they’re framed.  Totally different, right?  I think so. (This might go in the “office” anyway…)

That’s that.  Not perfect and still lots of work to do, but hopefully our home will be looking way less boring in the near future.  If I actually get to the point where a room looks “finished” (ha…) I’ll post entire pictures.

Have a great weekend! :)  It’s someone’s birthday tomorrow, so she probably won’t be posting until Monday.

September 8, 2010

Goals and inspiration.

Thankful for the sunlight this morning after such a dreary yesterday!  I’m feeling motivated to set some long-term goals today; check back in for my motivation on actually accomplishing them.

1. I want to become a decent photographer, so that by the time I have kids I can take pictures of them with colors like these (via

(Of course,  I make it my goal to have kids as cute as hers, too.)

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August 21, 2010

Painting the apartment: Living room before & after

As promised, here are pictures! That’s about it, though, since we’re about to bbq.  These aren’t completely legit before pictures, since I forgot to take them.  So everything’s a mess from moving it away from the wall, and there’s tape… and even the start of painting!  But you get the idea.  Just imagine.


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August 20, 2010

Painting the apartment: Kitchen before & after

Well, it’s painting week here at the King household!  Except, sadly, it’s only me.  Well, and Kieran, but he absolutely doesn’t contribute by attacking my plastic drop cloth and trying to rub up against fresh paint.  I have some really wonderful memories of painting with friends — the weekend Olivia and I became friends with Henry in high school, we were painting her room;  I spent some quality time with my Papa re-doing my room at home; Erica and I painted our rooms tangerine orange and mint (respectively) in Pullman.   Maybe it was all the fun we had distracting each other, but I forgot how HARD painting is.  (I also have not ever painted a wall as long as the one I painted today, let alone by myself.)  I’m not quite done putting the living room back together, but I do want to share pictures of the kitchen!  I’m still trying to decide whether to paint the wall above the cabinets.  Opinions?

Here’s the [boring, horrible, ivory] kitchen BEFORE:


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