Dessert is better than dinner

..which is why I made SK’s apple cheddar scones again today and Joy of Cooking‘s awesome scotch shortbread a few days ago.

This evening I put away a trunk full of groceries and started some chicken stock.  It’s simmering away, looking (I’m pretty sure) like chicken stock should look…

Hopefully, this stock will become a delicious chicken soup; if it’s not good enough to be soup, it will become a more flavorful substitute for water in things like rice. :)

Here’s a short and sweet summary of what we’ll eat this week: chicken noodle soup, garlic and gruyere sausage links, steak salad, and quinoa salad.  This will be my first time cooking quinoa.  I’m pretty excited!

Want to know the awesome reason this post is rushed?  It’s because I’m going to write 2,000 words tonight as soon as I post this and boil some water for tea, which I will enjoy with my third scone of the day.  Yep.


2 Comments to “Dessert is better than dinner”

  1. It is such a source of ongoing delight to read your posts dear one. What a wonderful experience it is to see our little girl grow into such a creative and deliberate young woman.

  2. Oh Man! I love shortbread! Especially the kind that melts in your mouth :D

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