New things.

In case you haven’t noticed, my series are getting a little bit wimpy lately.  My love hate relationship with running is still a love hate relationship; my garden is frozen and was hauled away by the garbage truck last week.  I’m still a fledgling foodie, but this blog cannot live by zucchini bread alone!  So here I am to introduce a couple of exciting new series ideas I’m hoping to introduce, shortly (I originally typo’d “shorty,” and believe me when I say I was SO tempted to leave it…):

On dwelling. I like the word dwell and all its connotations.  I’m hung up on it because I want my home to be a place where we thrive and feel at home, that’s comfortable and inviting and pleasant and peaceful.  This series will be about the little things I do to make my apartment homey.  My next large home project is my office room, which I’m really hoping to transform into some sort of creativity center.  Its major flaw is that it lacks any sort of functional furniture, so it has become a file and storage catch-all — and my poor, neglected piano hides behind all of it.  Unacceptable.

On writing, or reading, or both. I look over the myriad blogs online about decorating and design and fashion and photography and all those beautiful things, and the truth is, folks, that I just don’t know as much about painting pretty pictures with images as I do with words.  Not that I’m not visual, or that I’m not trying to be better at photography, and so many etceteras, but if I truly want to write about my passions, my passion is writing.  Unfortunately, lately I’ve been one of those writing posers there are so many of.  You know, the kind that say “I’m a writer” and/or “I love to write,” and then don’t write.  Ever.  I aim to change that, and hopefully I’ll like what I do enough to subject it to your collective scrutiny.

On teaching and kids. This is perhaps premature/wishful thinking, but I’m in the active process of finding a job, and I’m most qualified to teach.  That means that the job I do hopefully find will involve kids, and the funny things they do or the brilliant things I find out (ha) will inevitably make their ways here.  I am on two substitute lists now, although I have yet to get a call… so we’ll see.

In the mean time, I do have a question for you.  Who are you? I know people read this thing, because my dashboard tool thing tells me so.  But it’s not smart enough to tell me who you are.  I’m posting these entries as Facebook statuses for the whole world to see, and I don’t consider you a “stalker” for clicking a link in your news feed…. so come forth.  Leave a comment. Say hey.  I’m really, truly glad you’re here.  And maybe I’ll be able to “consider my audience” more that way as I post.  Just a suggestion. ;)

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5 Comments to “New things.”

  1. I read every one of them sweetheart! My comments would be maudlin and predictable. Assume the best…

  2. I read every single post :) ….i love to keep up with what my cousin is now doing :)

  3. My name is Betsy, and I’m your best friend. I read every post three times. And I love you so much!

  4. I am a High School friend of Rachels and remember you as a Freshman in long flowy hippie skirts. I popped onto your blog from a facebook update and read every once in a while!

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