What we’re eating this week.

Last week’s meal plan was…. not really a meal plan now, was it?  But I promised pictures of anything fun, so here are the meals I made an effort with:

Grilled teriyaki shrimp kabobs:

Goat cheese, caramelized onion and artichoke heart pizza (thin, whole-wheat crust):

And the actual reason this became a thin crust pizza…. my utter failure at pizza dough:

The story is…. I created this lovely dough (which really was lovely) the morning of, not sure if I’d be rolling it out that night or the next day.  I suspected we’d be waiting, so instead of letting it rise on the warm counter top, I put it in the fridge to rise slowly.  Only we did end up wanting it that night, and it didn’t rise.  I read some articles online that told me I could speed up the process by microwaving at a very very low power.  Well, that definitely didn’t work, and I ended up with a mostly cooked dough ball aka GIANT, tough yeast roll.  So, so sad.  So I thought quickly and prayed vigorously and made Smitten Kitchen’s Really Simple Pizza Dough, subbing half whole wheat flour and adding a little squeeze of honey, and skipped the rising, which turned out a really tasty thin crust with a great texture.  Definitely recommended for quick pizza in a bind.  If this is even more awesome with rise time, it will be my go-to pizza crust recipe.

I also tried out her zucchini bread recipe this week, and it was killer.

For the shrimp kabobs (above), I marinated shrimp with some variation on this recipe from Bobby Flay (I think) — I added pineapple juice, didn’t use peanut oil, and changed some other stuff, so I can’t even say I used his recipe. Just a guideline. I cut up onions and a green pepper and skewered them with some canned pineapple chunks (so much cheaper I couldn’t resist).  Since I didn’t count out pieces per skewer I wasn’t sure about proportions, and I just went ahead and grilled all the shrimp together and the veggies together.

Today I’m trying out a different teriyaki recipe: oven-baked basted teriyaki chicken, using Ellie Krieger’s highly-rated teriyaki chicken thighs recipe.  I am following reviewers’ recommendations and doubling marinade, boiling and basting the chicken with it as it cooks.  Hopefully this turns out okay since we’re feeding it to people other than our family!

This week, my meal plan isn’t exciting, other than learning how to make teriyaki sauce from scratch and hoping it’s as good as I think it will be (review later!).  But it’s not because I’m lazy — it’s because dinner food just doesn’t sound that good.  Why make a well-rounded meal when I could make Rosemary and Thyme Candied Pecans, and Easy Pumpkin Cheese Danishes, and Apple and Cheddar Scones??  Why??  Expect some baking to go down this week in between my bottled marinara sauce and very Americanized “Mexican” food.  (For sure on the agenda:  Mrs. Fields Peanut Butter Dream Bars, secret recipe from my mother-in-law!)

Monday: Teriyaki chicken thighs, brown/white rice, broccoli

Tuesday: Butternut squash soup (using up half a squash… this might end up being a side dish.)

Wednesday: Chicken Parmesan

Thursday: Soft tacos.  Because refried beans make me happy.

Friday: Pizza! (Because we must have this at least once a week. Maybe I’ll make it fancy for you.)

Weekend: Leftovers, simple pasta, Halloween candy.


Happy eating this week.  And please leave comments with any awesome recipes I should try. :)


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