Lazy food…

Today I am acutely aware of how little I have to do.  The unemployment bit is beginning to get very boring, although I really do appreciate the time I have to myself and the abundant time to get things done.  Thankfully, my efficiency was put to the test late last week, so I know it’s still working:  I cranked out application essays, work samples, photo sorting for a friend, two short freelance articles, and an in-depth lesson plan.  On top of that I dedicated a whole day to observing at a school, another half-day to teaching at said school, and three hours of my Friday evening to interviewing.  Everything went fabulously and I felt I did as well as I could have, but I came in second to someone with more experience.  I’m disappointed, but not angry.  God will provide. :)

Had I gotten that job, my week (and months to follow) would have been an insanely hectic whirlwind of planning, executing (plans and probably children), grading, playing catch-up, and stressing every evening and weekend moment.  Although I was up for the challenge, I have to also be thankful for the relief from such stress and anxiety and for the opportunity to rescue my home from the tornado that hit it while I was focused on the process.  And by the way, our food supply pretty much consists of bagels at this point.  Good thing we love bagels.

As far as meal planning this week goes, we were blessed with some leftovers (we “won the leftover lottery,” as someone said) after a newcomers lunch at the church we’ve been attending, but other than that I’m looking forward to doing some more cooking.  My plan to save money on groceries last week worked, but mostly because of a lack of time to make meals.  I’m ready to put in a little more effort to feed us a bit better.  But since I’m feeling ADD about finding ACTUAL meals, here’s the compromise:  I will give you a vague outline, and then I promise to blog in-depth about anything spectacular.  Sound good?

Monday: Leftover church pasta/salad

Another day: Shrimp something, probably broiled with low-fat spices fried with butter and garlic.  Actually, some good shrimp tacos sound fantastic with cilantro and limes and white sauce…

Another day: Pizza – GOURMET!!  I’m thinking whole-wheat crust, very thin red potatoes, pears, figs, delish cheese or something else super fancy.

Another day: Something with lots of awesome vegetables, like fresh veggie-stir fry.

And on boring/lazy days: Leftover chili, more leftover church pasta, leftover frozen various soups.

I have a confession.  I really, really am not a huge fan of the vast majority of leftovers.  It’s not that the food actually isn’t good.  There’s just this little something that goes off in my mind and convinces me that it isn’t.  That something new would be better.  I clearly need to get over this and be more efficient/cost-effective, blahblahblah.  Hopefully I’m going through a weird food phase.  After all, when I’m busy I tend to be more in “shove this in my mouth so I don’t starve” mode and less in picky mode….

All this continues to support the idea that I need a job and/or children, which Betsy so lovingly pointed out yesterday do NOT help you save any money (*that was a joke anyway).  Please hire me, or at least let me take your children to the pumpkin patch. I’m not creepy, even though that sounded very very creepy.

Here’s what I kind of wish I was doing right now:

Eating this (via Kam Family)

Playing here (via Kam’s World)

Tickling these (*awkward/amusing idiom), via [Nati]


It’s another GORGEOUS cold sunny fall day here in Portland.  Keep it coming.


2 Comments to “Lazy food…”

  1. You’re more than welcome to come play with my child! :-)

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