Multituesday: Mystery.

(previous thanks here)

161. a heater to turn on for the first time this season

162. classical guitar music

163. mysteries, big and small: solving some, adoring others.

164. a lifetime to grow, learn stuff, and hopefully become much much more like Jesus.

165. thinking about what my kids will look like eventually

166. the very rare Oregon sunny/clear/chilly day

167. reconnecting with old friends

168. cameras

169. headphones

170. learning (slowly) how to make my house a home

171. sharing Eric’s passion by going to Blazers games with him

172. …and feeling snazzy in our jerseys. :)

173. discovering affordable antique stores

174. words, words, words

175. a job prospect and interview this week

176. sleep

177. fun shoes from grandma

178. new contacts!

179. apple cinnamon candles

180. small feelings of retreat and solice


Today I straighten my home, eat lunch with my husband, have a coffee/freelance meeting, and explore a little bit of downtown…  hoping to track down an invisible nose stud, possibly some cheap threads, and if all else fails, a quiet spot to read and soak up fall.

I’m feeling a strange mix of dry and inspired in my posting — my advice post received some good feedback and my highest hit count to date, so I’ll ask you, readers — what do you want me to write about?  Anything you’re dying to read? (Please don’t ask about running.  Please.)

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One Comment to “Multituesday: Mystery.”

  1. I like number 167 too.

    Love reading these because it makes me realize things that I’m thankful for that I never realized I was thankful for (aka binder clips in your 10/19 post). :)

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