Meal plan…

I’ve got to make this quick, as I cannot believe it’s already almost 1:00!!!

Last week’s meal plan went fairly well.  We had some excellent salmon, and though I overestimated the amount of cooked spinach one bag of fresh would produce and nearly cried over my overcooked potatoes, the meal wasn’t entirely unsuccessful. (Old, cheap white wine always helps.)  I quite liked the goat cheese/squash pasta we had, too.  Although the day after I bought my squash, I discovered that the same store lowered their sale price by another $0.50 per pound.  We didn’t make it to the chili for various reasons, and did purchase a GIANT stuffed Papa Murphy’s pizza with a coupon ($10 for any pizza, any size!) instead. Since I bought fancy things like salmon and goat cheese last week, this week’s dinners will be more economical.

This week at the King house…

Monday: Chili (planned for last Friday… or was it Thursday?)

Tuesday: Un-fancy chicken/veggie stir fry (chicken and veggies from freezer)

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs (meatballs from freezer)

Thursday: Some variation on this (will use up extra butternut squash), or might just do simple squash soup depending on how industrious I’m feeling.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Linguine with shrimp, leftover Chili, other leftovers. (shrimp from freezer)


Love <3


One Comment to “Meal plan…”

  1. hahaha omg I love the Tisdale chardonnay. definitely repairs all bad feelings about ruining food.

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