No more leftovers!!!! (Meal plan.)

Okay, just a few.  But October has finally arrived, and a slough of amazing-looking fall recipes has taken over every food blog.  Squash.  Chili.  Creamy pasta. Rich cold-weather foods to give us some insulation for the coming months of hibernation (perfect!).  I have loved taking advantage of the warm weather we’ve had — I even read outside last week.  In a lounge chair!  At the POOL!  WEARING SHORTS! This week will be similar, although we’re out of the 80s. promises high 60s/low 70s weather this week, which I think allows for some fall foods, even if it doesn’t demand them.  (They also will let us sneak some late tastes of summer, like the basil/tomatoes that are STILL ripening outside.)

So I’m stuck.  I’m craving these amazing seasonal foods, so close to fully embracing fall, but also knowing that in Portland fall doesn’t last long and soon I’ll be in the middle of our dreary monsoon season that doesn’t end until, oh who knows, JULY? (This year anyway.)  Here’s my compromise:  I’ll eat these foods that tempt me, but I won’t wish the weather was colder, or wetter, or windier.  I can dip apples in caramel even if it’s 74 degrees outside, right?  Because I’m a total sucker for food that looks good online, and because I am planning while hungry and wanting to eat every single one of these things, this is a link-heavy plan, so you can even almost follow along if you want to! Without further ado, in rebellion against the last few weeks of really boring/non-existent meal plans, I present…..

The [much more exciting] King family dinner plan 10/4-10/10

Monday: The last of the chicken, rice, and zucchini casserole.  (Booo!  Anticlimactic, I know.)

Tuesday: Broccoli chicken over rice.

Wednesday: Rigatoni with roasted pumpkin and goat cheese (subbing butternut squash).

Thursday: Seared salmon with creamed spinach and mustard roasted potatoes.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Leftovers, Pizza, happy hour.  Oh, and beef chili with sour cream and cheddar biscuits.

[photo credit]

Happy October and Happy Monday! :)


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