Gumshoe Gardening: Tomato harvest

Margherita pizza is a staple around here lately. Pizza crust is easy to make, basil is free in the yard, and tomatoes are pretty cheap and usually on hand. But last night I got to use tomatoes from my very own tomato plant! This isn’t all of the tomatoes on the plant — I’m still holding out for lots of little green ones, and we left about 5 orange guys hanging.  Unfortunately the season here was ridiculously short – evidenced by the fact that I am calling ten tomatoes picked on the first of October a “harvest.”  But I’m stoked that for my very first vegetable gardening adventure I did actually get to eat something.  In fact, I ate my own cilantro, basil, and tomatoes this year, and even though my spinach went CRAZY and I gave up on it, I did at one point pick some leaves to bolster a sad, whimpy little salad.  That means out of my five edible plant nurturing attempts, I enjoyed four, at least a little bit.  Not bad for someone who completely does not know what she’s doing!!

(And, of course, I was too busy eating to take pictures of the actual pizza…. we didn’t get to eat dinner until we got home from the Blazers’ Wells Fargo Fan Fest at 9:00!)

I’m happy to report it’s a quiet weekend.  Sleeping in, great devotions and quality time with Eric, and gingerbread waffles, followed by some much-deserved (for Eric, anyway) vegging.

We found out yesterday my cousin Taryn and her husband are having their first baby!!  Congratulations, guys. :)


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