With the eyes of a poet.

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I’m beginning to feel like my technology owns me.  Maybe it’s that I bought an iPhone this summer; maybe it’s that we finally got a new computer a month ago, also.  Maybe it’s that I’ve been waiting (and waiting and waiting) for an email that hasn’t come with good or bad news, and I check my email every 5 minutes.  This is easy to do with an iPhone, of course, because it can push information straight to me.  But do I trust it to do that?  No.  I check it manually anyway. I’m a firm believer in all the merits of technology, but lately I have been spending wasting destroying many of my perfectly good minutes.  These are minutes I could be spending writing, or playing music, which I vowed to myself I would do more of.  They could be spent reading the really good book I’m in the middle of.  Going for a run.  Baking something.  Actually doing those pesky chores that “can wait” but shouldn’t.  And of course my little brain is wired anxious and untrusting, and immediately jumps to how technology is taking over the world and we’re losing appreciation for simplicity and books and writing and paper and oh my gosh, my kids aren’t even going to like to read. Does that sound like a stretch? Yeah, I know.  (But maybe not…..)

So here’s my challenge to myself today, and perhaps you’d like to join — today or any other day.

1. I will make a paper to-do list.  I use TeuxDeux, which is awesome, but it does tempt me to linger online…..

2. Comprehensive email checks in the morning (done), at lunch time, and at the end of the work day only.  (I say “comprehensive” because I do communicate with Eric via email during the day and my goal is not to cut off my only way of communicating with my husband.  During these checks I will respond/deal with anything not from him.)

3. No TV/movies (currently watching: Veronica Mars on Netflix Instant) unless I’m folding laundry — my entertainment will be reading The Fountainhead.

4.  Absolutely no checking Facebook.  At all.  I checked it once this morning and that is plenty until tomorrow.

I’m not saying technology is evil (I am writing this in a blog entry, afterall), or that I am trying to limit my productive use of it.  Truthfully, when I’m busy, it isn’t a problem.  But my “screen time” has grown into a little monster in this precious, temporary little free season and I would so much rather spend my extra time on things that will encourage and edify me — unlike embarrassingly long Facebook stalking sessions. (Yikes.)

In honor of this, a poem (which I captured with my phone while pretending to be a Reed student…badbadbad):

© Bob Hicok, published in Poetry Northwest, Spring-Summer 2010 issue.

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3 Comments to “With the eyes of a poet.”

  1. Great post, cousin! It’s far too easy to allow technology to take over precious free minutes. I can only imagine how tempting it would be if I had access to the Internet on my phone. Not having a laptop helps too. The baby can’t play where our desktop is so I can only get online while he’s eating or sleeping, which is good, but it’s tempting to waste his naptimes too.

    I love your new profile picture.

  2. VERONICA MARS. I just finished the series. They should NOT have canceled that show.

  3. Anna — Thank you! I bet it’s VERY tempting to waste nap times… you’re finally quiet and alone and probably just feel like relaxing. Which isn’t always a bad thing. :)

    Kaleigha – I KNOW. It’s really good! I’m only on episode 6 or so but I really like it.

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