Let’s stay here for a while. (+1000 gifts)

It has been a spectacularly warm end of the month — here, at last, is my small glimpse of what I usually think of as “summer”: nothing to stress about, friends to see, and no rain. The ten-day forecast says it will stay in the upper seventies for the rest of this week, falling into the upper sixties by the third of October. No complaints here.

It was a perfect weekend to show my parents around Sisters, where Eric’s parents live — mine were down for a conference in Sun River and we were all able to get together on Saturday. We even became HOT as we strolled past all the false-front western-style buildings, ending in a pretty green park that smelled like authentic pit barbecue. Reading, football, hot tub, the smell of roasting pine-needles… I’ll take this type of summer-fall as long as it wants to stick around.

Today I am thankful for…
(previous gifts here)

121. my makeshift caprese sandwich lunch (with string cheese!)
122. walking and talking and sipping iced tea with Aimee and little Avery this morning.
123. conquering the huge yellow and black spider outside my door all by myself.
124. still having plenty of leftover food to eat the rest of this month.
125. the gift of delightful parents and in-laws.
126. the intrigue of watching a huge house being built in the lot next to our apartment complex. (I wouldn’t build there… but to each his own.)
127. hope!
128. pastors and congregations committed to the gospel.
129. my Swiffer Wet Jet, especially since I have a teeny tiny floor that’s so not worth getting out a mop and bucket.
130. having a dishwasher.
131. encouraging bloggers and writers.
132. the gift of conviction…
133. and of strength to wage war against the things that keep us from Him.
134. options, possibility, and the feeling that the world just could be my oyster.
135. freedom from confusion and manipulation.
136. the opportunity to raise my family in a free country, however long that lasts.
137. the example of those who truly know what it means to suffer for their beliefs.
138. all the awesome free resources online — really, we can learn about almost ANYTHING with very little effort. (!!)
139. balsamic vinegar.
140. talking with Eric in the car on the way back from weekends full of paying attention to other people. :)

Like I mentioned in my last post, one or both of us has been out of town for the last five weekends. I’m ready to take a few days (or weeks) to get settled back into our fall routine, and as long as this weather lasts that should be positively enjoyable. I’m content to do the jobs I have while looking for opportunities to learn, use my gifts, and grow relationships. On this late September day, I am indeed thankful.

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