Challenge: Leftover meal plan.

Ah, macaroni and cheese.  One of my favorite budget meals.  We like to stir in a can of chili or chopped up hot dogs.

This has been a bizarre month, budget-wise.  In order to compensate for all our weird expenses with getting to Spokane and back at the beginning of the month, I cut about $75 off our grocery budget.  I went grocery shopping yesterday and spent the last $40.  I could cut into other budgets because I may have gone a little crazy cutting back, but we can make it — and I like the challenge.  So here’s this week.

Tuesday: Wil and Kristen are coming over to make fancy fried chicken with for us! (Who am I kidding?) We bought the chicken on Sunday but realized when we were making dinner that there was no way we could eat fried chicken AND pulled pork sandwiches, especially after a big delicious lunch of  shredded pork and chicken burritos.

Wednesday: Leftover pulled pork and fall minestrone.  If we end up eating those for lunch, we’ll do breakfast for dinner — we have bacon and sage sausage to use up.

Thursday: Chicken, rice, and zucchini casserole, made and frozen a couple weeks ago.

Friday: Sandwiches on the road — headed to Sisters for the weekend!

Saturday/Sunday: We’ll be with Eric’s parents, who graciously bestow gifts of awesome food on us.  Sunday night we’ll probably eat at home, though, so leftovers/various it will be (see Monday).

Monday: Leftovers/various.
Quick options: Annie’s organic macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, grilled cheese with tomato soup (cheese theme?), more breakfast for dinner, pizza (leftover dough in the freezer).  Or there’s always frozen chicken breasts with frozen veggies and a grain from the pantry.
Less quick options (i.e. probably will never happen):  Take inventory of fridge, pantry, and freezer.  Match ingredients (more or less) to recipes.  Create something magical out of seemingly nothing.

Pschh…we got this.

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