Rookie Running: Confessions

You may have noticed that it’s been a while since I last had posted about running.  If you thought that was on purpose because my ultimate goal was to complete my couch to 5k program, you think more highly of me than you ought to.  In fact, I meant to continue, but I got sick oh… a month ago….and wasn’t sure how to run when I was coughing and phlegmy. (Gross.)  And then I had stressful circumstances to think and act through and, well, the excuses keep coming.  Yesterday I didn’t feel very good.  Today I feel fine but I didn’t eat at the right times so now I’m stuck with my office getting organized and my lunch eaten and halfway through a glass of milk with my stomach thinking, No way. Three hours from now is 4:45. Shall I go then? Oh, I hope.

I’m disappointed with running, all in all.  That’s not to say I gave it a fair shot — i.e. more than a couple months of actual, real running instead of run/walking — but I really hoped that once I “got into it” like everyone says, I’d be in love and couldn’t resist it.  ENDORPHINS, where you at?


I felt the need to write this confession because I want someone out there to tell me everything will be okay, including all my joints, which lots of people have scared me into believing will give me trouble if I continue to run. (Like I need another excuse not to, people!)  So here I have compiled a list of things that are GOOD about running:

• helps me feel less restless.
• helps me sleep better
• helps me stick to a schedule during the week.
• encourages me to eat healthier. *with the minor exception of the candy I let myself eat before I go — usually a couple sour patch kids. My father-in-law says he eats gummy bears during runs for little energy boosts.  He runs marathons; I run less than 3 miles. Anything that makes me run, right??
• allows me to be able to say “YES I exercise” if anyone (like my doctor) asks.
• acquaints me with my neighborhood.
• is FREE! Unlike a gym membership.

Goal for today or tomorrow, whichever it ends up being:  run a mile.  Just one little mile.  Next time I’ll be harder on myself.


3 Comments to “Rookie Running: Confessions”

  1. I’ve been trying to be consistent with running as well. I tend to only make it about once a week and I would really prefer three or four days. It is just so easy to make excuses. I enjoy reading what you write about it since I’m struggling with motivation myself. :)

  2. You have such a positive attitude, in spite of not liking running very much. I used to run, but I’d have to say I NEVER enjoyed it. Maybe it has something to do with being married to a marathoner….. Other forms of “free” exercising that I prefer include biking, walking, and dancing. Good luck! :)

  3. Don’t worry about it – Run! I ran “jogged” for many years until now at 49 my knees are unrunnable. It’s OK – I use an eliptical now. When I can’t do that, I’ll get new knees. You don’t have to run marathons, just a few miles a week makes one feel much better. Mix it up by climbing multi-story steps once in awhile. Besides, you can’t have your dad make you look bad…:-)

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