A multitude of meals?

Okay, try not to die…

Whatever.  Betsy thinks he’s cute, too.

Today has gotten away from me!  Here is my thankfulness list and meal plan.  Happy Monday, all.

1000 Gifts

(Previous gifts here.)

Today I am thankful for…
81. having my husband home!
82. ..and getting to wake up with him this morning after 4 nights away.
83. getting to go back to sleep this morning when I felt nauseous. (*NO, I’m not pregnant.)
84. letting Kieran sleep on the couch again.  He’s so happy. And I am now a claw-clipping, kitten cuddling fiend.
85. the myriad recipes available online so that I can still try new things when I’m feeling lazy.
86. that even with our limited income we are richer than 95% of the world.
87. our new wall decor, even if it looks somewhat like a 4th grade art project.  Pictures soon. :)
88. this new non nail-biting kick, however temporary.
89. my new box of 60 Twining’s Earl Grey tea bags.
90. three orange tomatoes.
91. my best friend, Betsy.
92. a nice, sunny day — even if I missed most of the sun. :(
93. feeling excited about applying for a writing job today.
94. post-it notes I can draw lines on in lieu of a real ruler.
95. big fat books.
96. nail polish remover.  Seriously, what an indispensable invention.
97. yeast.  Thinking too hard about it is gross, but where would I be without pizza and cinnamon rolls?
98. rad headphones.
99. window and sliding door screens that keep the buggers [mostly] out.
100. a functioning car.

Meal Plan

I’ve gotten to be pretty lazy with the meal planning this month — after being fed all over the place in Spokane, Eric was gone and I don’t plan for one.  In fact, I didn’t really eat meals – every couple hours I had a snack, and I tried my best to give myself some carb/protein/fat&sugar variety.  So here is my attempt at a somewhat more interesting week.

Monday: Spaghetti. (With sauce from a jar… sorry. I promise to add ground beef!)
I will attempt to cook a crab Lydia gave to us that they caught in Alaska.  (Terrifying.  At least it’s already dead.)  And I will serve it with crusty bread and artichokes, if I can find them for a good price.  Then we will slather all of the above in tons of butter.
Wednesday: Chicken burritos.
Thursday: Fall minestrone with Sour Cream bread.
Friday: Stir-fry.
Saturday/Sunday: Leftovers/Some variety of homemade pizza.


3 Comments to “A multitude of meals?”

  1. yeah- can’t wait to see your wall art! what did eric think? i’m attempting some pizza tonight too…with figs….ahhhh.

  2. hahahahah the crab! good luck…that is frightening. love you so much.

  3. I love the disclaimer on #83. It’s always necessary whenever a mention of nausea is made, isn’t it? :-P

    I also love that you used the phrase “in lieu of” in this post. :-)

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