One thousand gifts: nesting. (+meal plan)

Today I’m thankful for….
(#1-20 can be found here.)

21. The new-to-us couch we bought this weekend!
22. A new coffee table and desk chair.
23. Getting to hang out with Betsy all day last Friday
24. Having a little writing job, however small.
25. Warm weather.
26. Getting ready to paint this week!
27. FANS.  The wind-making kinds.
28. Impromptu furniture rearranging with Eric.
29. The tiny green tomatoes that are finally starting to grow in my garden.
30. That my cold only lasted for a few intense days instead of being long and drawn-out.
31. A guilt-free break from running — perhaps absence makes the heart grow fonder?
32. A long bike ride with Eric on the Portland waterfront yesterday.
33. That Jesus is coming back for me!
34. Finishing books and starting new ones.
35. Food blogs.
36. Summer produce.
37. Actually making progress through the multiple bank-related phone calls I had to make this morning.
38. Time to rest and grow as a couple before having kids.
39. Planning and anticipating Lauren’s Bachelorette party.
40. Reading by the pool.

And now my menu plan….

I’m not even going to attempt to rehash last week’s — it was a mess.  We ate out on Eric’s birthday, I forgot to defrost meat again, and I don’t even remember what we had instead, although I promise it wasn’t hamburger helper.

This week…

Monday: Glorified tuna sandwiches via Cooking Light

Tuesday: Homemade margherita pizza

Wednesday: Pork shoulder ribs which I PROMISE I’ll actually make this week!!!

Thursday: Youth group — something simple

Friday: Pulled pork sandwiches with leftover pork

Sat/Sun: Shrimp with Ginger Sauce (Real Simple), spinach salad, grilled burgers, pasta salad

Upcoming posts:

– Gardening:  Bitty tomatoes are here!
– Painting 3 walls in our apartment: before/afters.
– Book review: The Discipline of Grace by Jerry Bridges

Stay tuned, loyal readership.

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One Comment to “One thousand gifts: nesting. (+meal plan)”

  1. I really enjoy this blog, Brynna. It is almost as good as living in the same town as you would be. I am amazed that you can even find the time to faithfully record words and remarkable photos to document your progress in these adventures you’ve undertaken. Thanks for making the effort.

    Love you!

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