Gumshoe Gardening: Maybe I’ll have some tomatoes after all?

You know when you’re SOOO hungry, and then you try to find something to make, and all the really satisfying foods on every food blog and in every foodie magazine you’ve ever read bombard you and you decide to look for a recipe, but they all take too long and you’re SO beyond hungry and on the verge of going crazy that you decide to just have a bowl of lucky charms even though all you want is this and this and this?  Yeah, me too.

And here begins a long overdue GARDEN update.

Since I scarfed my bowl of lucky charms in 2.3 minutes and I’ve heard fullness doesn’t register for about 15, my focus is probably going to be on how much I want to eat these plants.  I want to eat tomatoes with basil and cilantro and spinach.  My fuchsia is still crazy/dying, but if I had to choose one plant to go, it would be the non-edible one… still, I keep watering it and hoping.

My tomato plant as of yesterday is starting to turn all yellow at the bottom.  It’s a mystery!  But it keeps getting taller and has little yellow flowers on it, so I feel like those, at least, are a good sign…

Spinach and herbs are doing ok, although I think all my plants (including tomatoes) may be outgrowing their containers a bit.  The little dried up yellow cilantro branches underneath the plant were my hint.  Here they were last week, before I cut off the coriander branches.  I hope the plant keeps producing even though I let them grow too long, I think…  (You can see the spinach peeking in on the left!)

Sorry about that totally weirdly-colored picture.  It makes me cringe, actually.

My fuchsia is truly sad-looking.  So truly sad-looking, in fact, that it seems I forgot to even take a picture of it.  Proof that only pretty things get attention…

Coming soon: Foodie post (obviously, since it’s all I can think about!) on chili-lime shrimp and fresh mixed berry pie!  And maybe on whatever I come up with tonight, since I’m feeling inspired…


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