Rookies, gumshoes, and fledglings.

Isn’t it funny how things can start so perfectly, continue so earnestly, and still fail (or at least falter)?

There I was on Monday, triumphantly running up and down steep hills, mimicking the roll of the waves to my right as they beat against Haystack Rock on the gorgeous Oregon coast.  25 minutes, crazy elevation fluctuation, no problem.  When I finished I felt like I could have gone farther.

Today, I ran for slightly less than a mile before having to stop.  It’s the only run in my program thus far that I have failed to complete.  I was hot, tired, hungry, and dehydrated, and my body was telling me to stop.  I figured it would be better to stop and then try again later than to hurt myself or push too hard and set myself back further.

And then, there are my plants…  wilting tomatoes, shriveling peppers, bent-over fuchsia, and slug-salvaged spinach. (Then there’s the thriving basil and cilantro, which continues to baffle me.)

It’s so easy to become discouraged!  But I’ll keep pressing on with these perhaps silly little projects because they are what I must do.  They give me a little sense of responsibility and joy in the midst of a lonely time.  They are supposed to be my calm, and I make them my storm.  Baby steps.

Here are some pictures from my 4th of July weekend in Cannon Beach, OR….

That last one cracks me up!  Little Ana distracted by making X’s in the sand, is running to catch up with the family.

We had a fabulously fun time reuniting with Eric’s parents and sister Rebecca, and got to witness the beauty of two sensational little girls (Ela and Ana) on their first vacation with their brand new adoptive parents, Eric’s uncle Ken and aunt Trudi.

“…He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ…” (Philipians 1:6)

Overdue cooking posts tomorrow, small but faithful readership.


2 Comments to “Rookies, gumshoes, and fledglings.”

  1. What beautiful photos! I’m glad you had sunshine for your weekend on the coast.
    Don’t be too discouraged by your plants. Even the best gardeners are sometimes befuddled by nature. As for me, I am a late bloomer myself, when it comes to gardening. I have spinach that bolted, giant broccoli plants with several single heads of florets that don’t look much like what you’d see in the produce department, tomato plants that have tons of leaves, but not much in the way of fruit, and four shriveled little pea plants that have produced a total of four pods. My pepper plants have some flowers, but no peppers that I can identify, but the zucchini is looking promising! Every year is a gamble and an education. I only wish I had begun the process when I was 23.
    I love you, my daughter.

  2. Looks like a fun Fourth of July! And I know what you mean about the running. Sometimes you just can’t do it for no understandable reason. I hope your next run goes better!

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