Thursday and half a song are all I brought with me…

This week, running seems to be the only consistently bloggable “series,” so I’m just giving a general update today.  I’m not very much a foodie this week, although I did make a few good treats last week (cobbler, heart-attack buttery pasta, cheese and chive muffins) that I could blog about.   The thing is, not only has it been winding down toward the end of the month, which this month has meant an already overspent food budget, but this weekend we are going to the beach, so I haven’t wanted to restock my fridge.  And as we know, fantastic foodie-worthy food requires fresh ingredients that we will most likely not finish, and that will go bad before we get to use them!  Last night’s dinner was the surprisingly rewarding result of scraping out the fridge and freezer.  Magically, I came across some frozen chicken (I thought we were out) and decided to stuff it with blue cheese leftover from burgers earlier this week.  It was my first experience with stuffed chicken, and I’m not quite sure how you are supposed to keep everything (especially gooey, melty cheese) from escaping!  I made it on our George Foreman grill, and a few minutes into cooking had to rearrange the chicken so the slits pointed up instead of down.  Also, my defrosting failed — I accidentally put the frozen half-breasts in the microwave for 5 minutes on high instead of defrost.  They turned out a little dry, but fine.  I whipped up some oven-roasted potatoes wedges (a favorite of mine — easy and always delicious) and cooked some frozen “Tuscan” vegetables from a bag.  I wasn’t too impressed with the veggies — frozen stir-fry vegetables are good because they’re just SO convenient — I’m not going to be buying water chestnuts and bok choy often, so it’s perfect to buy them prepackaged, even if they do get a bit soggier than I’d prefer.  The Tuscan mix, though, is not a winner.  Too many varying consistencies of vegetables, so it’s impossible to cook without overcooking something. And it didn’t contain anything I couldn’t buy and use easily.  Green beans, mushrooms, red peppers, onions… standard fare.  I far prefer crunchy/sauteed to soggy/steamed vegetables, so I will try to take advantage of good produce prices this summer!

As for gardening…. there’s another depressing topic.  Literally three hours after I posted my last triumphant Gumshoe Gardening post, I was driving home talking to Eric, and he told me my tomato plant was falling over.  After ruling out violence and wind (the stalk was curved over and nothing was broken), I staked the plant with a metal rod I found upstairs (part of a shoe rack we’re getting rid of).  Then I did some research.  I suspected, and still kind of suspect, over-watering. The pot the plant is in sits on the ground, and though it has holes under it, water might have been sitting inside unable to get out well.  However, I took the plant out of its pot to try to get at the problem and treat root rot, if necessary, and the soil did not seem over-damp at all.  The roots were white and smelled fine, and they were growing around the base of the pot but weren’t over-crowded.  So I put it back and am going to wait a little while before watering anyway.  In the mean time I will hope I didn’t needlessly traumatize my poor little plant.

Other than those things, here’s what’s been on my mind:

  • Looking forward to an Independence Day beach trip with Eric and his family, including uncle/aunt/cousins and newly adopted cousins!  It will be a great family get-together, as well as our 2-year engageaversary. <3
  • Trying to spruce up our budgeting system.  Perhaps a post on this next week?
  • Also trying to figure out a housework schedule that actually works for me…  so far there are several that do NOT work.  Being a homemaker + insert any line of work, hobby, etc. is confusing.
  • Anxiety, unfortunately.  There’s a reason this blog is about taking things one step at a time.  It’s been working for running, food, and gardening, but unfortunately there are plenty of other areas in my life that worry me silly.  Some are for good reasons, and some just aren’t at all.
  • Attending my parents’ (my home) church last week was such a blessing — a wonderful sermon on Rahab’s story in Joshua 2 that demonstrates God’s merciful pattern of salvation.

Happy 4th of July to everyone, if I don’t post before the weekend!



One Comment to “Thursday and half a song are all I brought with me…”

  1. Have a wonderful engageaversary, Boo. I love your blog. : )

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