Gumshoe Gardening: Brynna – 1, Slugs – 0

A whole week has passed since my slug fiasco.  I’m very happy to say that after I launched a full-blown attack with a full arsenal of supplies, my little spinach plant is more or less thriving.  Caution: graphic pictures of death to follow.

Here’s a gross little slug trail (top left to bottom right):

And here is a slug Eric killed with salt:

And here is the ridiculous-looking fortress I made…

And one week later…. my happy plant (with also happy pepper friend)!

When I discovered that my spinach was being eaten, I immediately set the container on top of another container to keep it off the ground and make the slugs do more work.  Then I did some frantic research, and I discovered that there are several normal household items slugs don’t like: salt, which I promptly sprinkled around the edge of the lower pot; copper, which I found in the form of pennies and laid on top of the salt; and eggshells, which slugs apparently don’t like to crawl over because they hurt their little bellies.   I had just used some eggs, so I crumbled three shells and spread them around the salt.  So far, this three-fold attack seems to be working, and the slugs are leaving my plants alone.

My other plants are growing, too — most noticeable is my tomato!  I need to stake it sometime soon.  I just read that you’re supposed to stake them immediately after transplanting so you don’t later damage the root system… oops.  Here are some pictures of the thriving family:

I’m not sure why my fuchsia is drooping so…  there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it, and the flowers keep growing, but it won’t stand up!  Any thoughts?

Perhaps next time a tomato-staking adventure?  And prayers for no more garden pests!


6 Responses to “Gumshoe Gardening: Brynna – 1, Slugs – 0”

  1. Hi Brynna. I think maybe fuchsias are supposed to droop! I remember my mom used to have a hanging basket with fuchsias drooping all down the sides. :)

  2. it all looks great brynna, nice work!

  3. I love the salt/eggshell/penny barrier!


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