Rookie Running: Week 6

I’m back from a lovely weekend in gorgeous Spokane with my family.  We assembly lined an impressive amount of handmade wedding invitations (around 140). This included manually stamping/embossing, hand-addressing, printing and applying 3 different labels, tying tags, and grommeting each one.  I also got to watch my brother and soon-to-be brother-in-law compete in Hoopfest.  I even got a little sunburned!

Today I started Week 6 of the Couch to  5k program.  I’ll be reporting on two runs, because last Friday I ran for 20 straight minutes!

Week 5, Run 3: This run was a 5-minute warm up walk, 20-minute run, and 5-minute cool-down walk.  I was pretty scared going into it, but remembered to pace myself and start slow.  I had to run in Spokane because I flew there at 6 am.  Thankfully, the route was fairly flat, with only one slight hill that I climbed during the first half — which meant I got to run down it on my way home.  I took my family’s dog Molly with me, which also made me nervous because I’ve never run with a dog, but it was okay.  She made me feel lame because her running alongside me was much more like trotting (okay, it could even have been called fast walking). I thought I was going extremely slowly until I told my dad about it later and he said she doesn’t really “run” with him either.  One thing that made this run exciting was that my neighbor’s psycho dog came out of nowhere in the last 20 feet of my run, blindsided Molly, and started attacking her.  I screamed — loudly — and Molly fought back for a minute, and then the dog ran off.  It was terrifying.

Week 6, Run 1: Today’s run was not quite as encouraging — I actually had my first side-ache in a while.  This might have been due to the fact that my schedule was a little thrown off – I worked from 11-1 today instead of from 12-2, so I didn’t have as much time before work to get everything done (including running) that I wanted to.  Instead I ran as soon as I came back, but my food/water situation might have been different.  I’m also thinking that walking between runs actually breaks up my rhythm and messes me up.  My feet hurt today, too.  I think they were achy from walking around at Hoopfest.  I spent the morning walking in uncomfortable flats that started giving me blisters, so during my trip home for lunch I grabbed some flip flops that are slightly stretched out and are therefore too big for me, making my feet muscles probably do awkward things to keep them from slipping around.  Hopefully these are the reasons, and not any sort of shoe/running injury issue!

I need to find a new go-to route.  They are starting to do sewer work under the Fanno Creek Trail and have to close it off for the rest of the summer.  Summer is, of course, a logical time to do this, but so terribly inconvenient for those of us who need NO excuse not to exercise.  But then, I jest.  Because amazingly, I do feel very motivated to at least finish this program.  If I need a program in order to keep at it afterward, maybe I’ll just start training for a 10k! But don’t hold me to it.

Here is my progress meter.  I’ll do the starred run on Wednesday.


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