Gumshoe Gardening: We’re under attack!

Yesterday  I went out to the porch to look at my garden’s progress (turns out they don’t grow too noticeably day by day), and I noticed a suspicious-looking hole in one of my plant leaves.  Trying to be optimistic, I didn’t think much of it.  Yes, it could be a predator who lurks in the dark waiting to sabotage my garden, I thought, but my plants had been there for all of three days, and they are in containers, not a huge bed of dirt!

But today I went out again — and now I am very discouraged.  Two entire halves of leaves are eaten off of my spinach (the poor guy only has a few!), and other leaves have little holes, too.

I suspect slugs.  Can anyone confirm this?

Also, I have no idea what’s going on here:

The bottom-most leaves of spinach are coming out flimsy and colorless.  I am almost sure I have not over or under-watered, and there is plenty of root space.  Could I have traumatized those roots by transplanting, I wonder? Will they get better?

And the last mystery:  light brown splotches on my fuchsia leaves.  I’m at a loss here…

Gardening gurus, please help!  I’m not 100% committed to organic if pesticides are the only way for me to actually grow anything — what works??  I might go slug-hunting tonight…  which I will absolutely post about if it happens.

Some super easy, delicious recipes are coming soon!


2 Comments to “Gumshoe Gardening: We’re under attack!”

  1. Brynna, try putting a tuna can into the soil so the top is at ground level. Pour in some beer. The slugs will drown in it. What a way to go!!! : )
    Love, Mama

  2. Karen, beer is a valuable commodity around here. I don’t know if we can waste any on slugs :)

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