Welcome to my beginning.

It’s an odd time to begin.

I’m 23, Eric and I have been married for a little over a year, and we don’t have any children.  The name of this blog is a testament, not to a typical starting point, but more to a new beginning I perceive stirring in me.  I am done with school, maybe forever (!), and I have a job for the next few years, but I’m not building a career.  My focus can finally be whatever I want it to be — what I want to dream, pursue, and accomplish.  As a result, I’m starting several new projects and I’d love some company as I discover how to succeed with them.

This will be a blog about the beginnings I pursue daily as a daughter of the King, because his mercies are new every morning.  It will be about trying to live my life under his grace.  Content you can expect will have to do with reading, writing, homemaking, living simply, and any new pursuits I stumble upon — including running, container gardening, playing music, and any other various goals I (or Eric and I) set.

Stay tuned for posts, coming soon.


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