Brynna begins to garden.

I am NOT a gardener.  This is a huge, formidable feat for me.  Let me emphasize with two anecdotes from my “gardening” past.

Once I received a cactus from my grandma, who tends to…well…keep things around.  It was in a huge, heavy pot, and it sat in my room.  It was firmly rooted in rocks, and, I assume, some dirt under them.  Eventually it died.

Then I came upon a free, lovely short stalk of lucky bamboo.  I really liked my bamboo, and this time I did enough research to find out how much water it needed.  I found out it was actually part of the lily family.  I kept it on my bathroom counter and it cheered me up until one day I noticed it was yellowing.  I moved it out of the direct sunlight, but the damage was done.

And so I am a murderer of two of the most allegedly unkillable plants ever.  To say I have no green thumb is a terrific understatement.  So what can I do, except attempt to transform my sad apartment porch into a garden?  I took some pictures today of the State of the Porch.

Here is the left side of the porch.  It is fenced in, but we (and our neighbors) are the only people in the apartment complex whose small yards continue to be dominated by this HUGE bush/shrub/tree.  The landlord said they plan to take it out and fix the fence (so we don’t share a yard) as soon as the weather gets nicer.  The weather’s been pretty nice lately.

In front of the giant bush is some not-too-promising dirt. Some weeds or something are growing out of it.

More dirt on the right side of the bush:

On the right side of the porch is concrete, which would be a nice place to put some containers if I choose to go that route (which is likely):

Here is the very easy cat/other neighborhood animal entry that hopefully does not destroy my garden:

And for good measure, here is a stalker picture of our neighbors’ very accessible patio set:

And Kieran trying to escape:

What kind of garden do I want?  I don’t know.  I would like to grow vegetables and herbs, probably.  Especially since it’s already summer — I could go grab an already-growing tomato plant and see if I can at least keep it alive until it produces fruit.  I will be posting information I learn about gardening in general, especially gardening in small spaces.  My next gardening post will be about resources I am finding to assist me (and maybe you?) on our gardening adventures.


3 Comments to “Brynna begins to garden.”

  1. Bravo, Brynna! This is a great way to begin. A resource I’d recommend is “Square Foot Gardening” by Mel Bartholomew. It really inspired me! There are also lots of “container gardening” books at the library. : ) Love, Mama

  2. Shall I call you a hopeful optimist?

  3. I should add – I am looking forward to seeing what you accomplish with your creativity! :)

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